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by titi osoba

MyOS By Titi Osoba is a Fashion Design and Training outfit involved in both men and women clothing targeting Nigeria and international market.


At Myos By Titi Osaba, we believe that a lady (or guy) is defined by the kind of shoe she (or he) wears. That is why we devote a great deal os time to research the lattest trend in footwear technology, that is why you can always trust us to deliver topclass quality always.

Really great product and highly recommended!


Whatever your style, no matter the ocassion; there is always somthing for everyone. From high class city gal to everyday working woman, there is a bag by Titi Osoba for you.

let us make you the girl of your dreams.

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Myos by Titi Osoba

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Myos by Titi Osoba